Mass on Mass

Massachusetts Ave at 35th and Fulton NW and on Zoom


Join us Sunday, May 8, 4pm ET for Mass on Mass en Masse. Join us for our bi-annual public mass with Roman Catholic Woman Priests. This year WHIMM is partnering with Women's Ordination Conference to celebrate both Vocations/Good Shepherd Sunday and Mother's Day in DC, honoring women who shepherd. Did you know that around the world girls and women herd sheep and goats today and in ancient times too? Perhaps if we say it in Latin, the Vatican will hear us better. Domina pastor est! She is a shepherd!

At Mass on Mass, we welcome attendees to record and share what they see, so if you’d like to remain anonymous, wear a bigger mask!

We look forward to celebrating together.

Email for more information.


Mass on Mass is being organized by WHIMM (Washington Home Inclusive Monthly Mass), a Roman Catholic movement begun in February 2019 by Washington, DC-area neighbors to help renew the Church by experiencing a new model of ordained ministry. Once a month, we hold a home Mass led by a Roman Catholic Woman Priest from the Baltimore-Annapolis-Washington Living Water Inclusive Catholic Community. The hope is to build something better so we can see it and flourish in it. The gatherings are inclusive, and all are welcome at the table to celebrate God’s creation.

For more information on WHIMM, email us at